What We Do

Industry Leading Research

Every day, we are defining and refining rapid, safe, and cost-effective chemical processes to advance renewable polymers and modify feed stock materials such as vegetable oils, proteins, starches, cellulose, lignin, and more for controlled and enhanced reactivity.

In addition to synthesizing and developing new polymers, plastics, and elastomers with novel properties, we improve the thermo-mechanical properties, processing, and performance properties of circular economy polymers to the level comparable to, or better than, conventional petroleum-based polymers.

Collaborative Commercial Research

Through a unique synthesis of academic excellence, industry expertise, and focused effort, NIMA offers researchers, students, and companies the chance to collaborate and succeed in reimagining and reshaping what’s achievable in the world of materials science.

Train the Next Materials Science Technology-Based Workforce

The unique connection between NIMA and Pittsburg State University allows students to get hands-on experience working to solve real issues through polymer chemistry, materials science, and plastics processing, using the latest technology and methodology.

Support Innovators & Innovative Companies

If you have an issue you’re trying to solve, we can help. From entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, we have the capabilities and vision to find and create innovative uses of polymers from ideation to planning to implementation.

If you’re unsure if polymers are the answer, reach out. The uses of polyurethanes, electroactive materials, foams, and plastics for a circular economy are vast and rapidly growing.