Material Science

The Ideal Blend of Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering

The Master of Materials Science at Pittsburg State University prepares students for careers in industry and also for postgraduate degrees in materials science, engineering, and related fields. This program is collaboratively designed to be an interdisciplinary degree between the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Technology. Such an interdisciplinary program will provide hands-on, academic activities and practical experiences for students, readying them to join the workforce.

chemist in lab with student
chemist in lab with student
chemist in lab
chemist in lab with student

Professional Info

Average Salary

  • The estimated starting salary range is approximately $102,000

Employment Possibilities

  • PhD program candidates for materials science, chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, and related fields
  • R&D with natural synthetic or composite materials, metals, alloys, rubber, ceramics, semiconductors, polymers, and glasses
  • Materials science-related industry jobs in defense, electronic materials, energy, polymers, biomedical, semiconductors, and related fields
  • Many more

Is Materials Science Your Path Forward?

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