Dr. Pranabesh Sahoo


Pranabesh Sahoo received his Ph.D. degree in Polymer Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, INDIA in 2019. He has worked on the topic ‘’Sustainable Polymers from Renewable Resources: Synthesis, Structure-Property Relationship and Applications’’. He is an M.Sc. first class in Organic chemistry and B.Sc. first class in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta, INDIA.

After receiving his Ph.D., he worked as a senior researcher at the Department of Materials Engineering and Convergence Technology, Gyeongsang National University, South Korea. Dr. Sahoo is currently working as a post-doctoral research associate at National Institute of Materials Advancement. He has already published 20 research papers in high-impact international peer-reviewed journals along with a few under review for publication. He has also filed one patent and one book chapter due for publication. He has presented his research works (oral and poster) in many national and international conferences.

His research work includes developing biobased elastomers, sustainable polyesters for packaging applications, biobased vitrimers, sustainable inks for 3D printing, polymer processing, and recycling of polymer wastes.