Dr. Slavica Porobic Katnic


Dr. Slavica Porobic Katnic completed her PhD studies in Chemistry at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Slavica is a Research Associate in the Laboratory for Radiation Chemistry and Physics “Gamma” of the Institute for Nuclear Sciences “Vinca”. Her research covers various topics, from the synthesis of organic compounds to the development of polymeric materials, mainly focusing on applying polymer-dye films in dosimetry systems for gamma radiation.

Slavica is currently a Post-doctoral Research Associate at the National Institute for Materials Advancement (NIMA), Pittsburg, Kansas, where she is investigating the biodegradation of polyurethane using different enzyme systems to find an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for polyurethane recycling.

Slavica’s research resulted in 23 scientific papers, a patent, and 17 announcements at international conferences. She actively participates in various projects, including initiatives funded by the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, and bilateral cooperation between Serbia and India.