Dr. Zoran Petrovic


Dr. Zoran Petrovic is Emeritus professor at PSU, a former Director of Kansas Polymer Research Center (KPRC) and a member of Serbian Academy of Sciences. Under his guidance, NIMA has grown to a premier research institution in the field of conversion of natural products to polymers. As Emeritus professor, Dr. Petrovic continues to be actively engaged in driving industrially relevant research in the area of bio-based polymeric materials.

Awards & Publications

  • Elected member of Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2009
  • First recipient of the United Soybean Board’s Industrial Uses of Soybean Oil Award, 2004 
  • Recipient of The Presidents Green Chemistry Challenge Award for 2007 (with Cargill) for the development of vegetable oil polyols 
  • Recipient of the American Oil Chemist Society “Glycerine Innovation Award”, 2009 
  • Distinguished Scholar Award, Pittsburg State University, 2014
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Bio-Environmental Polymer Society, 2014


Dr. Petrovic has published three textbooks on polymers, 17 book chapters, and more than 500 publications and conference presentations, as well as 20 patents.